Official Home Pages for MAME

The MAME homepage - Home of the DOS version
The MAME32 homepage - Home of the Win95 version
The MacMAME homepage - Home of the MacOS version
X-MAME - Home of the *nix version
The MAME for Amiga homepage - Home of the various Amiga versions
The MAME for Acorn RISC OS homepage - Home of the ARM version
MAME for Digita - Home of the Kodak DC265 digital camera version

MacMAME Pages

MacMAME News and Info - Nathan Strum's excellent MacMAME site
MacMAME Message Board - MacMAME discussion
The House of Coins - a German MacMAME page.

MAME "Cool Stuff" Pages

MAME Replay Page - stores ".inp" replay files for playback with MAME.
MAME Cheat Page - stay up-to-date with the latest cheats.
Roger's Classic Arcade Tips & Tricks
Sniper's Arcade - screenshot-based high score page

General Emulation Pages

Emulation on the Macintosh - an excellent Mac-only emulation site
Vintage Gaming (formerly Dave's Video Game Classics) - an excellent PC-focused emulation site
EMU News World - news from the emulation world (no longer updated)
SYS 2064 Arcade Emulation Galore - A nice site run by Till Oldemeyer
Retrogames - Quite a lot of stuff here - check it out
EmuXPress - a long-standing page run by Lance McKay
Ginger's Classic Corner - reviews of classic arcade games - Retrogaming Radio
Warrior's EMU Rumor page - (no longer updated)

Arcade Technical Info

Wiretap Arcade Archive - lots of info on arcade games & their hardware. Check out the Bronze Age section for info on old and rare games.
EPR - Emulation Programmer's Resource - good resource for people looking to program emulators
The Arcade Programming Repository - the original hot spot for emulator tech info and source code (no longer updated)


I.C. When - a MUST visit. Exhaustive history of computers & video games. Prepare to spend hours.
Video Arcade Preservation Society - dedicated to the preservation of arcade machines, also home of the KLOV
Videotopia - a travelling exhibit of arcade games and history
Johan Kohler's GX400/Nemesis/Salamander page
Classic Video Game Nexus (inaccessible 06 Jan 2000)

Last modified: 07 January 2000